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Why scaling up ?

The low level of efficiency of our actions compared to the magnitude of the issue, makes the change of scale the highest priority.

1% of victims are rescued per year out of 20 millions at least. Human trafficking continues and will continue to  increase by 2% to 3% per year. A total rise of 60% at least over 20 years.

About us

SCALE-UP is an initiative started in France with experts from many areas, law, NGOs, business, diplomacy and religion, with many years of experience fighting human trafficking across the globe.

  • Our focus is sex trafficking.
  • We believe that the highest priority to combat human trafficking is to develop a strategy and to gather people from governments, civil society, business and international organizations in order to scale up our efforts.
  • The role of Scale-up is to design and promote a strategy in order to increase the scale of the fight.

Our Approach

How to change of scale?

There are many good initiatives of scaling-up. The First Comers Coalition to fight carbon emissions led by John Kerry, with the US State Department and the World Economic Forum is amazing. They raise 450 Billions dollars per year with 800 global compagnies to fight carbon emissions.

We need to develop a similar initiative.

The Scale-Up team has identified 10 strategic directions to address in order to reverse the trend.

How ?

The key is the drive from States, pushed by the civil society with the strong involvement of business. We look for leaders in all areas to find others leaders and create this momentum to save lives !

How much do we need to increase our efforts ?

Nobody can give a clear answer today.

The best estimate is that about 1 billion dollars is spent per year on fighting human trafficking, compared to 40 billion dollars spent to combat drug trafficking.

But just increasing spending isn’t the whole answer. We also need to review where the money ought to be spent. Fighting poverty is the most efficient action, but also the most expensive.

Best figures that we have in order to end extreme poverty worldwide in 20 years come from Jeffrey Sachs. He calculated that the total cost per year would be about $175 billion per year.

Would you like to join ?

We need leaders who will help us to engage more leaders !

In the 21st century, everybody can be a leader with strong ideas, some capabilities and a computer.

Let’us know if you are interested, and how you think you could contribute to the solution.


« This presentation is free to download for your own thinking or reuse in the fight against human trafficking. We would very much appreciate if you can leave us your contact data and share with us any good idea about it’s usage or potential improvement. »


Jean-Sebastien Mallet

Founder of SCALE-UP

President of Liberanos

Former Director of CRISE International

Former Executive Manager and US Director of the Scelles Foundation